English! #2

  • What I read last week:
  • Living Dead in Dallas, by Charlaine Harris. I love Sookie Stackhouse Series! In this book, Sookie and Bill (and Eric too) go to Dallas, to do a job for the vampires there. A lot of action, new creatures, fanatic religious and kind of feelings from Eric towards Sookie (*–*). I’m totally anxious to read the third book! ;D (FIVE stars and became favourite!)

    • What I am reading now:

    Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld. I’m almost in the end of the book, and I’m loving it! This book shows how our world seems completely nonsense to the point of view of a “perfect” humanity. And shows too that the perfect is not THAT perfect. I’m loving the way the author shows how small we can be if we can only think as the others.

    • What I’m gonna read next: I still don’t know exactly what’s gonna be my next reading, so I will post here just one of the options! I have more than 10 books in my bookshelves waiting to be read! *-*

    Fazendo meu Filme (Making my Movie) by Paula Pimenta. This is a brazilian book! (So there isn’t (yet?) an US/UK cover.) It’s about a girl whom is about to travel abroad (for an exchange). I SO wanna read it *_*!

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    2 Comentários em English! #2

    1. Gostei das duas capas do livro da Charlaine Harris, mas prefiro a capa brasileira.
      Já das capas desse livro do Scott Westerfeld eu não gosto muito de nenhuma das versões.
      Dessa capa de Fazendo meu Filme eu também não gostei muito, mas as novas capas dos livros dessa série são lindas e eu tenho muita vontade de ler, pois a história parece ser ótima!


    2. Ai quero muito ler essa série da Charlaine Harris, adoro a série de TV e tenho certeza q vou adorar os livros tbm. Só falta começar a ler.
      Adoro a Séries Feios, to super afim de ler Perfeitos.


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